Amazon's Rumored $5/Month Music Service Could Help Propagate Its Alexa Virtual Assistant Platform

Amazon ' s Reported$5/Month Music Service Could Help Propagate Its Alexa Virtual Assistant Platform

The rumored $5/month limitless music streaming service from Amazon might improve sales of its Alexa-powered Echo item. As of April 2016, the Alexa-powered Echo has sold more than 3 million systems. Amazon wishes to sell 10 million Echo speakers in 2017.
See Original Post Virtual Assistants Harness 3rd party Developer Power In a recent article we talked about house automation and the idea of virtual assistants. Although Amazon’s Alexa is among the most exciting virtual assistants (VAs) around, she’s still not the very best known; that honor has to go to Apple’s Siri, who …
See Original Post Google Fi’s Wi-Fi Assistant concerns all Nexus gadgets Wi-Fi Assistant isn’t really a new feature, precisely. It debuted as part of Google’s Job Fi, a virtual mobile network that delivers cellular information, text, and calls via a patchwork of Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular towers. Come down to the really fundamentals …
See Original Short article Presenting bleapp House, The Realtors ® Tireless House Sales Assistant!Unlike virtual house tours, bleapp House boosts the actual house … In effect bleapps become a vigorous sales assistant conveying a targeted message consistently and easily. The house purchaser may add highlights, photos, video, audio and notes about …
See Original Short article Mics are Stopping Google Now From Hearing Correctly If you are a frequent user of voice-activated virtual assistants such as Google Now, Siri, Cortana or maybe even Amazon’s Alexa, you’ll comprehend the disappointment when you say something and the assistant fails to comprehend you properly or simply …

See Original Short article Meet The AI Sports Bot No One Requested Meet Duer, a voice-activated virtual personal assistant, not unlike Siri or Cortana, and developed by Baidu, China’s largest search engine. In September 2015, Baidu crammed its proprietary technology into a Wall-E-like hunk of plastic and circuitry to display …

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Mom's Viral Post Slams People Who Think C-Sections Are 'The Easy Way Out'

Mom ' s Viral Post Slams Individuals Who Believe C-Sections Are '' The Easy Way Out'

' A Missouri mommy’s viral post is taking apart some ludicrous misconceptions about C-section births.
On Aug. 19, Raye Lee, who brought to life her boy Roxas by means of C-section just five days previously, published pictures of her post-surgery scar on Facebook. In the caption, she shared an effective message about the way people tends to see this approach of giving birth..

Lee begins the post with a comment that represents some typical reactions to her birth experience: ” Oh. A c-section? So you didn’t actually deliver. It should have been nice to take the easy way out like that.”.
The new mother then shared her completely ironical action to those sort of comments.
” Ah, yes. My emergency c-section was definitely a matter of benefit,” she composed. “It was truly convenient to be in labor for 38 hours before my child entered into distress and then every contraction was actually STOPPING his HEART.”.
” Being told at the start that I was displaying fantastic development and would not need a cesarean section … and then being told that I was being prepped for major stomach surgical treatment was not< a href= rel=

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Consume your way to a

smarter brain: Smart foods to boost your mind and fend off dementia” Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia, dyspraxia and autism spectrum conditions are all associated with a relative absence of omega-3 fatty acids,” says Dr Derbyshire. The teenage brain is still under a state of building and construction, continuing to …

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=” bit” > Universal work environment for the differently abled Carrying out such processes benefits the company’s growth. Organisations need to be flexible in regards to physical problems in addition to psychological challenges like autism and dyslexia among others. It is very important to keep in mind that the degrees of …

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=” snippet” > Unfortunate but Real, Comic Sans May Simply be the Best Typeface for Dyslexics Type designers have also put their talents to something we reckon they can have a more instant effect on: reading– specifically for the 3 to 17% of the literate population that deals with dyslexia, a neurological, frequently inherited …

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London Midland welcomes Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla

London Midland welcomes Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla

The last rehearsals are well underway for Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla’s inaugural show as Osborn Music Director of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, taking place on Friday 26 August at the CBSO’s house location of Symphony Hall. Backed by London …
See Original Article Apple Music Festival London lineup revealed: Alicia Keys, Bastille, Britney Spears, Calvin Harris, Opportunity The Rap artist, Elton John, more The celebration, which marks its 10 year anniversary this year, dates were announced 3 days back. There might be more artists contributed to the lineup however. In 2015, the festival was headlined by Pharrell and One Direction but several other artists were … See Original Short article

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A Wish ✨

< div class

=” bit” > A Desire ✨ This Morning I Met And Old Good friend Returned The Greed That Had Brought Him The Trees That Had Burned …

He Carries A Message So Brilliant And So Clear Whatever Our Actions Effects Will Appear …

In Kindness We Shower Much Pleasure And Much Smiles In Sharing Our Joy We Reduce Our Trials …

Compassion When Lacking We Look for For Our Own Without Ever Thinking Our EGOs Have Grown …

Without Ever Knowing No Sense Of This Greed That Simply Overwhelms United States Contaminating Our Seed …

Of Caring And Living As Brothers In Tow On Journeys Alongside In Tandem To Circulation …

But Ignorance Being So Strong In Our Minds Not Observing The Call Not Seeing How Blind …

So On This Very Morning Through Grey Heavy Mist So Deep In My Heart My Prayer In Gist …

If Only Awareness We In some way Could Raise Then Perhaps Our Lives Would Be Better Dear Haze … __________________________________ Soe Moe Lwin 8:35 am 26/08/2016– This feed and its contents are the home of The Huffington Post, and usage undergoes our terms. It might be used for personal intake, but may not be dist< a href= rel=

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” > Why This Mommy Won ' t Let Her Daughter Watch ' The Bachelor ' The” Bachelor” franchise has firmly established a strong presence in the pop culture landscape, reaching viewers throughout many demographics. Plainly kids are not immune to its impact either..
On Wednesday, Australian mom and blogger Constance Hall posted a photo of her 7-year-old child, Billie-Violet, who asked her if she could enjoy “The Bachelor.” In the caption, the mom discusses why she said no..

Resolving Billie-Violet, Hall writes, “I have had to live myself and succumb to the excellent competition that is our society. Your little lives are full to the brim with contending versus each other, often it’s a wonder that kids leave childhood with any friends at all.”.
Hall lists some of the competitions she’s observed in between children, from running races to earning class prizes to seeing who’s hair is the longest.
” But do you understand what something you should NEVER ever contend for is?” she adds. “Love.”.
Drawing from her store of mommy knowledge, Hall offers this guidance to Billie-Violet:.

Since there are no winners and there are no losers wi< a href= rel=

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Proposed Seattle Homeless Shelter May Permit Locals To Use Heroin As Seattle continues to battle its heroin crisis, a group charged with dealing with the concern is pushing an unconventional technique for helping homeless addicts..
The Task Force on Heroin and Prescription Opiate Dependency, formed by the city in March, has put its assistance behind constructing a shelter where homeless addicts might use heroin under guidance, according to The Seattle Times..
Those who support such a center say it could help avoid overdose deaths, HIV and liver disease C transmissions and keep used needles off the streets. Taxpayers may benefit too, since the center might potentially reduce public health services and criminal justice expenses..
The concept wased initially introduced by the People’s Damages Reduction Alliance, a group that organizes needle exchanges, The Times reported in April. The task force is anticipated next month to provide a more fleshed-out plan for how the program would work..
These conversations come at a time when heroin deaths are on the rise..
In 2014, heroin-related deaths hit a 20-year high in King County: There were 156 heroin-related deaths tha< a href= rel=

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2016 Legislation to Take Effect It produces the” Missouri Civics Education Effort “and calls for the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to establish guidelines and a task force for dealing with dyslexia in schools, among other arrangements. Senate Bill 814 is another bill of …

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Feminist Artist Makes Women ' s Bushes Bloom In Surreal Tribute To Moms When photographer Alexandra Sophie conceived, the method she saw her body changed entirely.
” I felt like a seed was planted in an individual garden,” she discussed in an email to The Huffington Post, “and it was growing each day up until the clock would call and the baby would understand when he is prepared to see the world.”.
More unthinkable yet was the fact that such a miracle, simultaneously surreal and prevalent, was occurring a lot of times a day on all corners of the earth– according to UNICEF, around 353,000 infants are born every day around the globe.
Motivated by the powers of her own body, together with those of the lots of women around her both strangers and friends, Sophie started a photography series titled “Blooming Garden.” Although the images admire all the locations of resilience and vulnerability housed within a female’s type, she photographs one area in certain.

The very first photograph in the series, likewise entitled “Blooming Garden,” visualized the fantastical sensation of consisting of within oneself the power to produce, nourish, bloom and give birth. < a href= rel=

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Ben Carson Get in touch with ' Senior ' Trump And Clinton

To Release Medical Records Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon who is now a surrogate for GOP governmental candidate Donald Trump, stated on Wednesday that both Trump and Hillary Clinton must launch their medical records, calling both “senior.”.
Both Trump and Clinton just launched minimal information about their health in 2015. Still, the Trump campaign has been pushing the idea– which has no basis in reality– that Clinton is physically unsuited to be president.
Asked his viewpoint of Clinton’s health on MSNBC’s “Early morning Joe,” Carson stated all prospects must launch their medical records.
” Well, you understand, as a physician, physicians and researchers typically will not make a medical diagnosis based on something that they see from a far away,” Carson stated. “My diagnosis would be that anybody who is elderly must expose their records. And we individuals should understand what they are. Due to the fact that it’s an extremely difficult task. It’s not an eight-hour-a-day task, it’s 24/7 and we have to make certain that is taken care of.”.
Trump is 70 and Clinton is 68. They are the two oldest individuals to take on

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Project Fi’s Wifi Assistant to serve all Nexus devices soon

The Sixth Wave of Innovation: Cognitive Computing in Insurance

The Sixth Wave of Innovation: Cognitive Computing in Insurance coverage

Virtual Assistants Powered by Cognitive Computing The insurance coverage industry’s interest in leveraging cognitive computing and the use of mobile innovations has sustained innovations in the field of virtual representatives. Virtual representatives can boost the end-to-end …
See Original Post Penn State sports to launch virtual truth channel Penn State Sports announced Thursday that it partnered with EON Sports VR, a virtual truth sports training and fan … alumni and fans in the nation,” stated Michael Cross, Assistant Athletic Director for New Business Advancement in a release by …
See Original Post Absence of microphone innovation holding back digital assistants Irritated that Cortana, Google Now, or Siri simply don’t appear to understand you? It may not be their fault, but the microphones within the phones themselves, a new report insurance claims. The remarks come from IHS Markit expert Marwan Boustany, who told …
See Original Post Sports AI: Baidu Establishes Sports Commentary Of The Future Baidu, China’s biggest search engine, is no exception. Meet Duer, a voice-activated virtual personal assistant, not unlike Siri or Cortana, produced and constructed by Baidu.

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Pasadena Frostig School Awarded Grant by Snapdragon Book Foundation

Pasadena Frostig School Awarded Grant by Snapdragon Book Foundation

The school provides a complete range of academic and support services for children with learning differences, such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, high-functioning autism and ADHD. For added details about Frostig, call -LRB-626-RRB- 791-1255 or visit our website at …
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Why Aren ' t More Parents Vaccinating Their Children Against Cancer? If there were a vaccine that could protect your 11-year-old son from getting cancer as an adult, you ‘d make sure he got it, right?
As it turns out, this immunization exists, but a majority of young boys are not effectively protected, as reporter Jane Brody noted in The New York Times on Tuesday.
The human papillomavirus vaccine– which secures against HPV-associated cancers including throat and tongue, cervical, vaginal, vulvar, anal, and penile cancers– is strongly recommended as cancer prevention for 11- and 12-year-old kids and girls by the U.S. Centers of Illness Control and Prevention.
The bad news: Just 22 percent of young boys ages 13-17 had actually undergone the suggested three-dose HPV vaccine course for maximum cancer security in 2014, and just 42 percent of boys had received at least one dose. In comparison, 79 percent of kids and women ages 13 to 17 got a meningococcal conjugate vaccination and 88 percent got a Tdap vaccination– 2 other typical vaccines recommended for that age.
Why is the HPV vaccine so undesirable? A series of blunders provide a les
See Original Post Office 365 group details accessibility improvements More specifically, the target market for Editor are those with dyslexia. Writers that have difficulty spelling/reading words have discovered Editor to be a helpful tool that provides recommended spellings, synonyms, meanings, and audial pronunciation of the …
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Kimberly V. Bracey: 5 Fast Facts You Had to Know In a post explaining her caregiving business, Aunt Joyce’s Kids, Bracey wrote, “In 2009, I became a single mother of 3 children, among which was identified with ADHD, ODD, a stress and anxiety disorder and dyslexia, and he is presently being evaluated for …
See Original Article The Lesson My Scars Taught Me When I was about 18 months old, I was burned rather badly. These were scalding hot water burns. This was a regrettable home accident that might have taken place to anybody– and as a moms and dad myself now, I can just envision how tough this must have been for my moms and dads at the time.
This happened in the 1970s, so innovation wasn’t exactly what it is today. I did get skin grafts, but it was still pretty bad. Most of the issue was on my chest and skin was grafted from my upper thigh to my chest leaving another large scar on my leg.
As I matured, I had problem with my scars. They appeared so huge, ugly, and disfiguring. Kids would ask what occurred to me. In beach pictures I would frantically try to cover my leg with my hand or hold something in front of me. Throughout my whole life I wore only high-necked tops so that my scar on my chest would not reveal.
As puberty began, the pity party actually began. I would look at publications of females in lovely dresses revealing cleavage with their super-soft, scar-free breasts and desire I might look like that.
My friends would wear bikinis in summer
See Original Post 5 Traits We Learned About Latinos and Learning and Attention Concerns at NCLR

“At Understood’s info booth, we talked with more than 1,000 individuals and families. As quickly as we mentioned issues like ADHD and dyslexia, the floodgates opened. An astonishing number of our visitors determined themselves, their children or …

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5 Things Nigerians Should Know About London-used Phones…No. 3 is Very Important

5 Things Nigerians Ought to Learn about London-used Phones … No. 3 is Crucial

We reside in a world that is controlled by technological innovations which have made life simple. These are some of those devices we can not do without. The evolvement of innovation over the decades has made it mandatory to utilize them. These technologies which …
See Original Short article BFAWU leader suspended from Labour party; Corbyn eliminates SNP alliance, finds seat on Glasgow train LONDON, U.K.-The Labour party has suspended a trade union leader in relation to “something he wrote” on social networks, and he will also not be enabled to enact the management contest between Owen Smith and Jeremy Corbyn. According to reports …
See Original Short article Tom Sidwell gets lost in London Underground and is offered August 26, 1921. Surrey and Leicestershire were preparing for an extreme last day of a crucial end-of-the-season encounter at The Oval. Regrettably, Tom Sidwell, among the Leicestershire batsmen unbeaten over night, got lost somewhere in the …
See Original Short article Farewell & Delighted Journeys To Conceal Streets Of London Well its with much sadness that we have to state goodbye to Hidden Streets Of London as the group there embark upon brand-new experiences in warm LA, which is very much a wonderful chance not to be sniffed at, however it does herald an unfortunate end to a chapter …
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New Images Show Exactly How Zika Virus Devastates A Fetus' Brain

New Images Program Exactly How Zika Virus Devastates A Fetus' ' Brain

New research that documents the destructive results of Zika infection in early pregnancy shows just how harmful the disease can be to a growing fetus.
The new research study, which was released in the journal Radiology, includes the largest collection to this day of brain scans in fetuses and babies with Zika virus. It information the different type of brain abnormalities that can occur in an establishing fetus, causing the birth defect microcephaly..
The scans emphasize the importance of routine imaging throughout a pregnancy, as a fetus that appears regular throughout early pregnancy might have indications of the infection during a later scan. The images likewise reveal that simply because an infant might be born with a normal-sized head, rather than the abnormally small head common of microcephaly, it does not imply their brain has escaped issue from the infection.
Many medical professionals will likely never see, not to mention treat, a pregnant female with Zika. But as the number of pregnant ladies with Zika virus continues to rise in the U.S. and its areas, and as the virus continues to spread out in Florida, these images< a href= rel=

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Cher blasts Donald Trump for asserting

to be supportive of gays:’ Oh begun” I take care of all individuals … America has been so terrific for me. I was a bad, poor child, I had dyslexia. Nothing would state that I would prosper in this country– and I did. And I fear for those (LGBT) individuals and not simply due to the fact that of my kid. I fear what …

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=” bit” > Reading Braille with Dyslexia– a Challenge Maturing Growing up with dyslexia isn’t easy. I was all by myself in a classroom full of kids who were chanting away what they read. I often had no idea what I was taking a look at. In 2016, I take a look at myself and see where I am– I am a highly regarded resident, a …

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=” snippet” > This Picture Proves Simone Biles Is A Mere Mortal After All For two weeks Simone Biles took the Olympic stage and proved to the world she is not one people.
Some may call her god-like– since she can do things like this ….

And this …

And this …

through GIPHY.

Did we discuss she won five Olympic medals? Which four were gold? That would be the most gold medals won by a U.S. gymnast ever..
So we extend a hearty thank you to Aly Raisman for snapping this picture and publishing it to Instagram previously today, showing that at the end of the day (and often sooner), the fantastic Simone Biles is a simple mortal, similar to the rest people:.

Miss @simonebiles dropped off to sleep prior to we took off. WHO'' S THE GRANDMOTHER NOW GUYS A photo published by Alexandra Raisman (@alyraisman) on Aug 22, 2016 at 5:36 pm PDT.

The photo reveals Biles snoozing on the aircraft ride back from Rio de Janeiro “prior to we took off,” according to Raisman’s caption.
” WHO ‘S THE GRANDMOTHER NOW GUYS,” Raisman included.
Science says catching those Zs are one of the smartest ways for Biles to invest her time after all that record breaking in Rio.
Sleep assists professional athlete
< a href= rel=

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=” bit” > Accepting difference– how I cope with my dyslexia Since I came out to as a dyslexic, several people messaged me, confiding in me that they also have this condition. Others continue to mock me for the symptoms of my dyslexia. Dyslexia is a learning impairment that affects an individual’s language …

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Microsoft Corporation Acquires Artificial Intelligence-Powered Assistant "Genee"

Microsoft Corporation Obtains Synthetic Intelligence-Powered Assistant “”Genee”Microsoft Corporation(NASDAQ: MSFT)has revealed that a contract has been reached to acquire man-made intelligence-powered digital individual assistant”Genee.”Genee was established in 2014 by its two co-founders, Ben Cheung and Charles Lee … See Original Post

Gender In AI – Why It Matters

The idea of the ‘virtual assistant’ is developing, from satnavs to voice triggered speakers, and the defining particular throughout the board? They’re almost always female. Jacqueline Feldman – an AI UX designer – is presently configuring a …
See Original Article Apple improves health while Microsoft revs machine smarts”Genee utilizes natural language processing and enhanced decision-making algorithms so that interacting with a virtual assistant is just like connecting with a human one,” Outlook and Office 365 corporate vice president Rajesh Jha said in a blog site pos
See Original Short article Microsoft

: Genee acquisition supplies virtual assistant for Microsoft Workplace 365 Microsoft enhances its performance suite with natural language processing tool Genee, while also staying up to date with current Salesforce upgrades. Microsoft’s newest acquisition of scheduling assistant software Genee will allow users to quickly arrange conferences …
See Original Short article Keep Siri results where you can find them in macOS Sierra Among our favorites? The ability to”pin”Siri results inside Alert Center– making it easier to track whatever game times, trending subjects or crucial documents Apple’s virtual assistant assists you to discover. Here’s the best ways to use the …
See Original Post AI company Genee now a Microsoft property Microsoft has bought virtual assistant start-up Genee for a concealed amount, USA TODAY reports. “We consider Microsoft to be the leader in personal and enterprise productivity, AI, and virtual assistant innovations, so we anticipate bringing our …

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