Back up your Google Adsense Spend with Good Call Management Services

If you’re spending money on a Google Adsense marketing offensive, it’s important that you don’t miss out on new customer calls when they click on your adsense links. If you’re a single person business or organisation, you could miss out on the leads you’ve paid for if you’re not available to answer the phone when it rings. This is always a concern for managers running their own company without additional staff, or at times when a receptionist is too busy to take calls.

Having a dedicated answer service that can do so much more than take messages will certainly offer better customer service. What’s more, it will provide more sales leads and better prospects instead of losing answering essex

Arrive back at work to discover a sales meeting with a potential new customer has been booked in for later on that afternoon rather than being passed a telephone number to call, for someone that has already found an alternative service provider to meet their needs.

There is a company that offers this service effectively without the need to spend time talking to candidates, paying national insurance taxes or employment contracts. All that is managed by Zebra Connections. They handle your telephone calls when you’re unavailable, represent your company positively and efficiently and start to relationships with new customers for you when you’re not there to address them yourself. Zebra provide call answering, diary management and detailed message taking by assigning a specific call handler to your business. This means that they get to know regular callers, building a rapport and providing information as they get to know your business.

These services are vital for many types of company. Start-up ventures are often created by individuals without the funds to employ staff initially. A service such as this would allow a single person business such as an independent life coach, hypnotherapist or independent accountant to attend business meetings without the worry of missing client calls or new business enquiries. A private psychiatrist in London will often rent a room to practice in and manage their own diary. When they are in session, they will have their phone turned off meaning a potential new client would have to leave a message for them. The same problem often effects councillors and coaches. A life coach in Hertfordshire may visit clients for hourly or 90 minute sessions, meaning they are unavailable to answer their phones. This means a potential loss of revenue from new clients.

small business call answering serviceLife coaches and psychiatrists often win business through word of mouth recommendations, however many people would rather not publicise the need for these services. As such, they are likely to use the internet to find local specialists. They would search the first page on Google and if there is no answer from one entry, they may leave a message but are likely to call the next person on the list. If that call is answered, the life coach or psychiatrist that is in session would most likely lose that client to the person who answered their phone.

If they are advertising on Google using Google Adsense or Google Adwords, they would be charged for the potential customer clicking on the link but would not win the business, reducing the effectiveness of their advertising investment. Missing out on new business would mean a good marketing plan fails for a basic reason. A dedicated call handler could take the call, discuss the services available, take personal information from the caller and allow the life coach or psychiatrist to call back already knowing the potential customers’ needs. Because the caller has provided details, they are more likely to wait for the call before approaching competitors.

Here’s an example of how a US call answering service works:


The call answering service would also make sense for accountants that do not have a receptionist or full time secretary. An accountant in a North London practice will have times of the year when tax returns are due when there is a higher than normal call volume, meaning an outsourced call answering service would appease customers with a high stress level.

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