Exceptional Keywords and their Feasibility

One of the best signs of incoming link value to a website is the Moz Page Authority and for an internet site it is the Moz Domain Authority. Total Page Authority (TPA) of an internet site is the basic overall sum of its Page Authority and Domain Authority. The TPA of the web pages presently on the first page of Google’s results for a keyword is one of the most trustworthy screening evaluations for keyword difficulty – the problem of obtaining leading website positioning.

The positioning of a site on Google for any keyword depends largely on the value of the inbound internet links. But even if your internet site has been set up really well, if the page on the top page of Google for your target keywords have a higher web link value when compared to your pages, top website placing on Google is not likely to occur.

ksp london

Keyword difficulty


In the above assessment, the TPA of the keyword family lawyer North London is 56. This is in the Green Zone so it is likely to be an attainable keyword, like other keywords such as family solicitors London, civil litigation solicitors North London or even expert family lawyers in North London.

Similar keyword expressions may be possible for SME sites with a modest amount of web link value.

For companies in Essex that use website designers in Essex to create fantastic websites for small businesses, Keyword SEO Pro is comfortably available as an online assessment program for keyword investigation.

Keyword SEO Pro is a remarkable keyword difficulty tool which will completely examine a list of keywords by determining the TPA of the website presently on the top page of Google for all keywords.

The TPA figures are an indication of keyword difficulty and it must be kept in mind that keywords in the Red Zone have no chance of effectively contending for high keyword difficulty keywords.

Keyword Researcher offers evaluation of key phrases benefiting from Keyword SEO Pro.

In the following keyword evaluation with Keyword SEO Pro for dyslexia, colour dyslexia test is the only keyword in the Green Zone but keywords like Meares Irlen syndrome, colour tinted lenses and dyslexia test online are all reasonable keywords in the Blue Zone.

ksp dyslexia-2

Keyword difficulty– dyslexia