Google Adsense used by web design agencies

Google Adsense allows advertisers to pay for links to their website by purchasing adverts using keywords or key search phrases. These links appear on other websites that Google matches to the target customer criteria. It provides a revenue stream for commercial websites and for smaller websites, the value of advertising may cover the hosting costs for someone’s hobby.

Google claims that AdSense is easy to use, however it requires some basic knowledge about online advertising and marketing jargon. To create high quality adverts, a graphic design team might be required to make more than a basic text link look appealing and attract click-throughs.

Google has such a dominant hold on the search engine market at the moment that it uses its power to generate revenue by selling advertising space on smaller websites, acting as the buyer of advertising and seller of space. It makes a commission from the advertising generated.

Google will find synergy between websites and advertisers. For example, it might place adverts to do with home improvements on estate agency websites. Home improvements such as loft conversions might be of interest to potential house sellers looking to add value to a property before a sale. Advertisers can also set geographic parameters, so a local loft conversion specialist in St Albans can limit advertising to people within a 25 mile radius of their office to ensure advertising is relevant and not wasted on people that are beyond the company’s geographic reach.

web design agency essexSome websites allow links to be added to text, for example a blog by a psychiatrist discussing eating disorders or mental issues such as depression might allow key words in the blog to be turned into links as Google places advertisements to other eating disorder websites within their text. Eating disorders are an increasing problem in the modern world as television and branding places pressure on people to look thin and many are forced to eat junk food or microwave meals because they simply don’t have time to cook. These links can also be limited by geography, allowing an Essex psychiatrist to be seen only by people within a short distance of their practice.

With people choosing to visit the websites they see advertising on, they are more likely to pay attention to Google Adsense advertisements than traditional advertising such as leaflet drops, leaflet handouts, window advertising or newspaper adverts. A specialist Leaflet delivery company might diversify into online advertising as a means to protect their business from decline as online advertising gains more power over old school methods.

For companies looking to take advantage of the Google Adsense service, you can find out more in this Google video:

Alternatively, you can contact an internet marketing agency to act on your behalf. Many web design agencies will offer websites that include Google Adsense advertising so that clients can start earning money from when their new website goes live. Web design agencies may well advertise their services through Adsense too. For more information about a web design agency in Essex, click here.

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