Google Adwords Certified Consultant


Why the certification

To avoid fake claims of certification by the Google Company as it was in the past, Google introduced a certification program that would help identify the certified Google Adwords consultant. This is important in order to avoid clients being tricked by individual who do not even have knowledge about the Adwords. The certification programs award the qualified Google Adwords consultant with a stamp as a mark of qualification. Certification ensures that the individual is updated about all the features and tools of the Adwards. Here is how to become a Google Adwords certified consultant.

How to become a Google Adwords certified consultant

There are two ways that one can become Google Adwords certified consultant, either as an individual or as a company.

Google Adwords certified individual

This is the easiest certification to obtain. There are 4 requirements that one should achieve before being certified as a Google Adwords professional.

1.       Agree to the terms and rules of use. These rules are as laid down by the Google Company. It is a simple requirement but you should ensure that you read the rules.

2.       Be a manager of at least one account of the Adwords in an MMC for a period of not less than three months.

3.       Have an expenditure totaling to $1000 or equivalent in the period of three months that you have been a manager.

4.       Pass the certification examinations.

Requirement number 4 is what many consider involving but with the necessary knowledge it is attainable. The examination costs $50 or equivalent. Having taken the necessary lessons and with experience the exams are easy to pass. The pass mark is 75% and many usually achieve this even for the first trial. On meeting all the above requirements, an individual is issued with a badge recognizing him or her as qualified consultant. The individual is also given a professional status page that is hosted by the Google Company. Google Adwords certification for individuals is therefore achievable.

Google Adwords certified company

Certification can also be achieved as a company. In order for a company to be certified, there are certain requirements that have to be met. Here is the list of the requirements.

1.       The company must have a billing and a mailing address in one of the listed countries by Google. The list contains countries that are specified by Google.

2.       The company should be composed of at least two individuals who have acquired the Google Adwords certification for individuals. They should be qualified with the same MMC.

3.       Have an expenditure totaling to $100000 in any period of 3 months. It is a bit tricky since the expenditure is for any period. The amount differs a bit depending on the country you are in as specified by Google.

Google adwords plays an important part in Internet marketing. It may be highly desirable for a website to be found on the top page of Google for keywords but the keyword difficulty may be such that it is not possible, at least for the forseeable future.


After meeting the above requirements, the company is issued with a badge recognizing it as qualified. The company also enjoys a professional status page that is hosted by the Google Company. Don’t ask any more on how to become a Google Adwords certified consultant, do the above and become one.

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