Google local boost for psychiatrists and SEO firms

The world’s most popular search engine, Google upgraded the means it uses to connect companies to Google Maps in 2014. Formerly, businesses had to be signed up on Google Places. This has been superseded by the launch Google My Business. Google My Business allows Google Plus individuals to handle their online business via the Google social networks platform as well as allows individuals to get opening time information and also hyperlinks your business website directly from Google Maps.

It additionally implies that you could select the Google Map link on your Google Browser and be offered the chance to the website, call the business or get directions to visit the business. The fact that Google are pushing the capability to not only give a firm’s info to a searcher, yet also to direct them on foot, by car or bike directly to their shop, display room, office or place of work recommends the wave of regional search is still acquiring drive on Google search designs.

This is all good news for small businesses. Not only does it mean sole operators, independent shops and professional service providers are more likely to appear higher on Google search if they have good search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques, but will also gain even more chance of winning business as the searcher sees how close they are to the service.

tinie-tempahThis is particularly important to people that work independently and provide a service such as physiotherapy, private psychiatry or beauty therapy. Many private psychiatrists in London operate as a sole practitioner and as such, they are limited in income due to time constraints. They can only work for a certain number of hours and charge a certain amount; though this changes significantly depending on where in the UK they practice. A private psychiatrist in London will be able to charge significantly more than a psychiatrist in Plymouth. For a London private psychiatrist, being visible on the first page of Google will be more likely if they have strong local search terms in their website and traffic to their website from social media is also localised.

PageRankPaying companies for a set number of followers and likes is no longer likely to help sites rise in search engine rankings. Local SEO specialists are also more likely to appear higher on searches by local businesses, strengthening local economies in the process. This means a specialist SEO company in Essex is more likely to win business from other Essex and London based clients by appearing more on their search results than from potentially difficult clients to service in Scotland or Northern Ireland. A loft conversion company in Essex might be able to meet their SEO partner company and would therefore benefit from choosing a company near to them. Not only is a local client base likely to lead to more referrals from both companies by developing a more personal relationship, it improves accountability.

If the SEO expert knows people living in Essex and looking for a loft conversion, they would be able to recommend their client. Similarly, when writing content for a website, a company may benefit from a local copywriting and content marketing writer. They will have a better understanding of local issues, locations, news items and be able to write more credible content for their clients.

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