Why is it harder to get to the initial page of Google for your search terms?



Establishing a top quality website as the one and only method of internet marketing to promote your company online is not likely to give you the results you require any more. You will also require

– incoming internet link power

– regular posts of brand-new content

– the use of social networking.


1. There are 2 new elements to Google’s ranking formula:

a) Quality Score. Google collects certain signal details to check out the performance of a web page for a particular search term. Less time spent on an internet site, the bounce rate and also returning to Google to look at a different website for the same search terms would imply low quality (Viniker DA ).

b) Digital Impact. There is evidence to show that increasing your electronic impact with new articles, blogging and the routine use of excellent quality social media like Google +, Facebook, Twitter and also LinkedIn can increase rankings on Google (Peter Simcoe).


2. Competition is increasing. In 1998 there were 2 million websites. In 2010, this had grown to 200 million sites and throughout the last 5 years this has actually increased to 1 billion websites today.

The 4 Variables impacting online search engine placements for search terms – a short summary

On-Page Optimization

Before Google in 1998, internet search engines only took into account on-page factors. If target keywords were put in the content and in the underlying coding (the meta-description along with the meta-keywords) a great deal of times, the site could be placed near the top of the Google results pages. In the past, if you searched for AltaVista using the AltaVista online search engine, the AltaVista internet site didn’t show up until the fifth page.

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To promote their business online, a firm of opticians specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of dyslexia might have had a website with keywords like online dyslexia tests, Meares Irlen Syndrome or learning difficulties throughout the website content and this used to give rise to top page positioning on Google.

These days that would not be sufficient to get you to the top of Google but with the help of a good small business web designer making use of keyword researcher programs, it should be possible to get nearer the top of Google.

Off-Page Optimization

Google launched the principle of user signals to help with ranking. It utilized PageRank which was named after one of the creators, Larry Page. The PageRank of a web page was worked out from the total of the values of the inbound links to the sites. Google does still make use of PageRank in its ranking formula but since December 2013, it hasn’t given PageRank information to the public. The Moz Page and Domain Authority rankings have really become the best signs of web page authority and domain authority that are offered.

Quality Score

Google gets billions of dollars each year from its Pay Per Click campaign (AdWords) and it makes use of Quality Score to influence placing for AdWords. Therefore rankings depend on a mix of bids and quality scores of competing web pages on internet sites. A lot of optimisers assume that Quality Score is relevant in natural positioning. Yet unquestionably, Quality Score will definitely depend on the quality of the data offered in addition to the presentation of the details.

Social media networking websites

There is proof that elevating your digital impact by composing blogs (producing fresh material) as well as advertising your website on social media sites like Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook has a worthwhile result on organic positioning (Peter Simcoe).

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But there are other ways to gain new business and a builder doing modern loft conversions in Loughton in Essex might consider promoting his website online with detailed pictures and assessments of building work and attic extensions completed in the local area but also joining a business networking team in Essex could create new leads for your business via networking at breakfast meetings with like minded business people that can give great business referrals to you.