Law firms spending more on Google Adsense

It may come as a surprise to many that lawyers and law firms are responsible for some of the highest demanded key words on Google Adsense this year. According to Road-To-Blogging, many of the highest paying keywords on Google Adsense feature the words ‘lawyer’, ‘law firm’ ‘personal injury’ and ‘insurance’.

It is often thought that people prefer a word of mouth recommendation when selecting a law firm or lawyer to act on their behalf, however Google’s statistics show that many people now search online for local legal support. For this reason, it seems logical for law firms to compete to attract new clients, either by a narrowed geographic search or by specialising in the area of law that the firm covers. Law has a very wide subject area but the online marketing principles remain similar:

Lawyers in more common fields such as divorce or family law might seek to advertise to a smaller geographic catchment area, using local towns as keywords to compete on, for example A divorce lawyer in London might narrow the search to a local area such as Divorce Lawyer in Enfield. This would result in cheaper advertising costs and also higher conversion to client rates than a search for Divorce Lawyer in London because some potential clients might be put off by up to two hours of commuting across the city.

What is Google Adsense
What is Google Adsense

There are also a number of wills and probate services that can now be purchased or executed online. Whilst these online will kits cover the basics of law, it is always advisable to have your will drawn up by a reputable solicitor. There are specialist wills and probate solicitors and their services might be cheaper in smaller towns than in London. There is nothing to stop a London resident instructing a lawyer in a town such as Plymouth, where the cost would be significantly cheaper. Click here for more information about a trusted will writing solicitor in Plymouth.

There are several professional services that might be called upon by lawyers when putting together their case. If there are questions over marital infidelity, a private investigator may be called upon to provide photographic evidence of an affair. Private investigators might be found in a similar way through search engines as a client finds a lawyer, for example searching ‘private investigator in London’ or their lawyer may have an existing relationship with one that can be used. If a marital breakdown is caused by mental issues, a private psychiatrist might be called in as an expert witness to make a psychological assessment of a witness or party in the hearing. Expert private psychiatrists in London often provide court services for these type of situations.

British legal firms will often manage their websites on their own servers, particularly if they are a larger firm with an intranet. They may seek external Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) support from SEO specialists. They may not be geographically nearby but available through online or telephone support. Many SEO specialists in Essex work with central London companies.

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