Leaflet delivery firms boost as marketing pay gap narrows

Despite measures to ensure gender is not grounds for pay discrimination, Marketing Week Magazine claims on it’s website today that the average pay gap between men and women in marketing has shrunk over the last year but that there is still a huge disparity in annual pay.

Shockingly, a statistic that does few favours for the marketing industry is that men still get paid an average 21 % more than women, equating to a difference of £8,416 per year. In further bad news for the marketing sector, the average salary for male marketers across all levels has fallen to £ 47,569, a massive 15 % reduction on the 2014 salary. The average pay for women remains flat at £39,153.

The research points towards more movement in the marketing sector in 2015 as the economy continues to recover, with pay consistently cited as the main reason people begin searching for a new job. This means marketing pay is likely to increase as companies look to retain staff.

MarketingWeek_134826The Marketing Week Annual Salary Survey also shows that 60 per cent of marketers believe staffing levels at their company will increase in 2015, while 37 % noted a rise last year. For those working in traditional marketing sectors, this makes interesting reading. Old school marketing techniques such as door-to-door leaflet distribution might start to take on many more staff at the lower end of the pay scale. Door to door marketing is on the up with a growth in leaflet distribution across London. Leaflet delivery companies in London can expect more business from a rise in marketing activity in the coming year.

This ties in with a separate study by recruitment firm EMR that suggests 44 % of marketers anticipate a rise in numbers thanks to improved profitability at their business.

Another study by recruitment consultancy Robert Walters predicts that marketing salaries could increase by up to 20 % this year as a result of a more buoyant job market. Considering the average salary for a marketing director or head of marketing remained relatively static at £70,215, according to Marketing Week’s study, this would be a considerable jump.

Marketing services companies can also expect to see a rise in demand and would be expected to increase the number of staff that they have. This includes printing firms, telephone answering services and call centres and independent website design companies. Call answering firms in the UK remain competitive for small businesses not wanting to outsource overseas and overheads outside the major cities help lower costs. A good call answering service in Essex might see a growth in demand from London clients.

These findings are more in line with recruiter Reed’s analysis of the market, which suggests that the average marketing director salary is down £ 7,550 to £75,802. Marketing Week will publish the full findings of the Salary Survey 2015 next week.

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