What is PageRank?
What is PageRank?

PageRank is the algorithm that Google uses to rank websites by measuring the importance of websites in an examination of both website page reputation and relevance. PageRank looks at a website page’s reputation, that is, its popularity or importance of authority as determined by the aggregate link value of links to both the webpage and website as well as the Homepage of the website. In other words, PageRank views an important website as a website that has the most links from other websites leading to it. PageRank counts each link as a vote whereby people link to websites relevant in content. Therefore, Websites with more links tend to serve as better resources. Moreover, PageRank not only looks at the website but the page that contains the link. PageRank views the importance of the page and so the more important the page the more links it must have to it. However, PageRank lowers importance if a page from another website itself casts too many votes as links to multiple websites. Ultimately, important websites act as the better authorities in leading internet users to better resources and so pages that contain multiple links tend to be less discriminatory as to where they link to. As such, PageRank also examines a website’s page’s relevance of associated content. PageRank scores a page with high relevance should the content’s keywords be those entered in search engines or be synonyms or associated words of the searched keywords.

To understand more about PageRank in order to promote your website to the first page of google, click this link, PageRank, which explains more about Google algorithm. Here you will learn more about, for example, keyword planner, a Google program that analyses the best keywords to input on your website’s pages. The best keywords are those popularly entered into search engines. By using these keywords will more than likely bring clients to your business. Furthermore, the more hits you have to your website may also help increase links to your website should others opt to link their website to yours. PageRank will then raise the importance of your website as it will view its reputation in SEO on-page optimization and reputation as being important by interpreting more people having to say good things about you in your greater reputation of more links placed on other websites to your website. This is because PageRank will score a high page authority should it evaluate there being a high probability of the relevant page of content of your website being found in a search engine.

Another important factor PageRank considers is a website’s Domain Authority. This is the power of the domain name based on the age of the website (maintained owner registration proves trust to search engines the website has longevity), popularity (number of links to website) and size (more pages correlates with greater content to generate links to the website). The greater the domain authority the more quickly new pages of content get indexed by PageRank to serve a better chance of overall ranking position of importance to get the website to the first page of google.

Any website can reach the first page of google should it be scored important by PageRank. For instance, websites for photographers can appear on the first page of google should it have pages relevant in content to the domain authority in reputation and relevance and have a high page authority.

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