Private Investigator for Boyzone Family

Former Boyzone Star Stephen Gately died five years ago this month at an apartment in Majorca, Spain. Despite a post mortem at the time stating the cause of death was acute pulmonary oedema , fluid-build up on the lungs as a result of atheromatosis, his family believe that drugs or alcohol may have played a part in his demise.

Gately’s estate is still being settled by lawyers and a bitter dispute has grown up between Gately’s partner Andrew Cowles and the Gately family. The Gately’s family claim that Cowles has tried to charge them for family keepsakes and the return of items that they had given to Stephen before his death. According to Gately’s brother Tony, Cowles stands to get 60% of Gately’s estate and his parents will only see a fraction of it according to Pink News.

Gately’s family are considering hiring a private investigator to look further into the circumstances of his death according to the article. Private investigators might look at medical reports, track down witnesses from Stephen’s final hours and look to find evidence that contradicts the police reports and toxicology reports. It has been alleged that Stephen slept and died on the sofa and that there were other men at the house during a drug and alcohol fuelled party the previous night. Many fans and pub discussions have centred around this and the actual circumstances of death. Private investigators can be hired to provide evidence for legal disputes over last will and testaments as well as divorce cases and business disputes amongst other things. These provide the basis of many projects brought to private investigators in London and throughout the world.

private investigator londonHaving a legally tight last will and testament is vital to ensure that a person’s will is executed in accordance with their wishes. This case has been complicated because although Gately and Cowles were in a relationship, he died before equal marriage and civil partneships were made legal. This means he died before their relationship was seen as equal to a heterosexual relationship.

The Gately family have had to take on the services of a specialist legal team of lawyers to manage their claims on Stephen’s estate. It is essential to have a good legal team that can act on his will and understand the complications of his death occurring in Spain and the international law issues that arise. This is an issue that many Lawyers in London have to deal with. It also goes to show that finding the right will writing specialist is important. From UK to Australia, London to Devon will writing mistakes can cause potential friction between family members and those closest to the deceased.

Boyzone private investigatorFinding the right lawyer for special areas of expertise might not be easy through word of mouth recommendations. Many people will search online or turn to Google for help. Having a good website showing a law firms credentials in this are will be key to them being found by those looking for them. Getting to the first page on Google relies on various criteria being met. Firstly, the company must have a website that is search engine friendly. Many are custom built by small business web design companies. Secondly, they require a good search engine optimisation (SEO) set-up, making sure key words that potential clients search for are picked up by the search engines. Larger companies may have an internal IT department that manages their website and staff can go on SEO training courses to ensure they are managing their websites and SEO effectively. Companies can check the strength of their website’s SEO by using a website auditor service. For more information about website auditor services, click here.

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