The SEO incentives of making use of WordPress for your internet content – Part 2

  1. Using categories together with tags

The main attributes of categories and also tags are to aid site visitors in locating your blog site quickly, which consequently helps you to achieve a far better search position on Google (if you make the most of this properly). Basically, categories are tables for your blog and tags are the index that helps a search engine to understand your blog’s subject rapidly.

Both the categories and also the tags provide assistance in creating a much better structure and also they allow Google to see them while indexing the write-ups on your WordPress site. So it is a great idea to make certain that you have all the subcategories as well as a well-structured testimonial that makes it uncomplicated for the online search engine spiders to view your content.

A firm of family law solicitors in Finchley could have a website loaded with information about wills and inheritance tax planning, divorce and separation and employment issues and for the search engines to be able to locate this information, clear categories and tags are worth having for each article. So a firm of employment solicitors in London might have separate categories for articles on recruitment, redundancy cases, dismissal cases and compromise agreements.


To implement categories, you will certainly need to go to Posts → Categories and Tags → Labels.

You could use the very best techniques to enhance the categories and tags in WordPress for SEO.

  1. Easy, tidy code

The coding behind WordPress has to be straightforward and also neat, allowing the search engine crawlers to index your internet site rapidly. As a result of the fact that it is an open source system, there are continual alterations when it pertains to safety and efficiency so that Google and other search engines could position your website higher up the SERP with an improved site authority.

WordPress currently does well with this, ensuring that you set it up well.

  1. Optimization of Photographs for SEO

If you want to generate a whole lot more website traffic to your internet site, you cannot forget about photo optimization. It is just one of the necessary elements of excellent SEO.

Image optimization involves establishing attractive, pertinent photo titles together with alt text to make sure that you improve your direct exposure on Google and other internet search engines. WordPress makes it straightforward to add titles along with alt text on your photos when you submit them to its CMS, ensuring that image optimization is about filling in the best points.

A great financial adviser in Chigwell might have an internet site with images and illustrations of how financial products work and the expected returns on investments and guaranteeing that images are completely optimized will certainly assist in SEO as well as ranking your site on Google.


  1. Linking up with associated articles

You can let the internet search engines creep through older articles quickly using the related posts plugin. This is an exceptional WordPress plugin that can help you to include a link to relevant write-ups within your brand-new material, thereby improving your SEO abilities swiftly.

The plugin makes it remarkably easy to include necessary articles in your web content and websites, re-ordering linked blog posts via drag and drop, without creating anymore coding.

There are various other factors in WordPress SEO:

(a) As Google wants to see fast-loading websites, WordPress makes it very easy for you to raise the speed of your internet site by:

Compacting the CSS and JS documents

Lessening HTTP demands

Enhancing image document measurements

Using Caching

Using CDN options

Upgrading the core WordPress, developed designs along with plugins on a regular basis

( b) WordPress allows you to develop brand-new web pages with fresh, updated content in order to help enhance placements on SERPs.

( c) If you forget to enhance the permalink of an existing/older message, you could adjust it to make it a more relevant and search engine-friendly web link.

To avoid a 404 oversight, you can have a 301 long-term redirect to the older version of your brief article. This will reroute your site visitors as well as the search engines to the brand-new web link, which consequently will improve your pageviews.


If you make use of WordPress as your Content Marketing System (CMS), these ideas should certainly with any luck help you to use it in one of the most relied on ways to boost your search position.

All you ought to do is acknowledge the out-of-the-box WordPress SEO functions along with keyword researcher techniques to get more out of them and you might generate more top quality web traffic to your site.

Adjusted from a quick write-up in Search Engine Watch

The SEO benefits of using WordPress to publish your content