SEOSEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, referring to the improvement of website ranking on search engines. Everyone with a business needs clients to provide income. Some clients come from recommendations. Others come from researching companies and choosing one. Most people now use the internet to find a business for their needs. Most of these people do not look past the first page of their preferred search engine. Therefore it is imperative to get your website onto the first page of search engines.

SEO looks at a search engine’s algorithm used to rank websites. For instance, SEOPageRank is the algorithm Google uses. PageRank measures the importance of websites by examining website page reputation and relevance. A website’s page reputation is its popularity, or put another way, the aggregate link value of links from other websites to the webpage and website as well as the Homepage of the website. A website is viewed as important on Google by PageRank if it has the most links from other websites leading to it as the website is deemed to serve as better resources. However, SEO knows that should a page have too many links to it from multiple websites, it’s importance lowers as it is viewed as being less discriminatory as to where these links are to. Hence, SEO also considers the algorithms looking at page relevance of associated content whereby high relevance equates to content’s keywords entered in search engines being synonyms or associated words of the searched keywords. SEO Essex is an organisation that is very familiar to Google programs to help you work out keyword difficulty to select the best keywords you should use on your website to achieve a high Hompage PageRank.

In addition, SEO Essex can help you SEOchoose the best Domain Authority for your website as the greater the domain authority the more quickly new pages of content get indexed by PageRank to serve a better chance of overall ranking position of importance to get the website to the google first page.

Websites for accountants is another SEO company geared at helping create and promote websites for professionals by getting their websites to the first page of google.

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